Airfield Information


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Airfield Circuits

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Airfield Plate

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The airfield has two grass runways 05/23 at 325m x30m and 14/32 at 265m x30m. The windsock is adjacent to the 14/32 runway on the north-west side of the airfield. Be careful of the public footpath that runs parallel with runway 14/32 and crosses the threshold of runway 05. Give way to any pedestrians. There are two low level signs situated on the north side threshold of runway 23 and the east side threshold of runway 14.

Visitor aircraft parking is adjacent to the threshold of runway 32 near the clubhouse caravan. This does not have any facilities and there is no requirement to book in/out or landing fee.

There is no fuel, but the nearest Mogas available is within the local Sainsbury’s store (1.3m) on the north side of the M25 motorway. Alternatively, Avgas is available at the nearby Elstree aerodrome (7.1m).

There is a café and toilets in The De Havilland Aircraft Museum (0.2m) that doesn’t need museum entry, just beyond the airfield gate.

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